The Barn at Walnut Grove: A Premiere Berks Co. Wedding Venue

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The Barn at Walnut Grove is Eastern Pennsylvania’s premiere wedding venue located in Lenhartsville, PA. If you are looking for a Berks County wedding venue, make sure you check this one out! The details and experience have been so thoughtfully planned it makes this venue an incredible choice!

The venue features a beautifully restored barn where every detail has been exquisitely accounted for.  The modern upgrades and finishes blend intricately with the character and charm of the original buildings on site and make for the perfect backdrop for an adventurous and fun couple. Keep reading to check out all the details about this amazing hidden gem!

The Details on This Berks County Wedding Venue

Berks County Wedding Venue

The Barn at Walnut Grove comfortably accommodates up to 200 guests comfortably but there are also options for smaller events such as micro-weddings and elopements.  The venue can even host other event options as well if you need a bridal shower venue. 

Multiple on-site ceremony options present themselves to couples who love options- including both indoor and outdoor sites! All ceremony locations have been thoughtfully planned to provide the most beautiful locations on the grounds that the venue has to offer.

When you book the Barn at Walnut Grove for your wedding, the venue is exclusively yours for the day, starting as early as 7 a.m. and ending at 11 p.m. This generous block of time makes for a relaxing day for the couple and their bridal party. Everything can be done on site and there is no coordination or travel from salons or hotel rooms necessary to get glammed up for the big day.  

Vendor arrivals and set ups are open available any time during the day of your wedding- making the planning coordination for your vendors a breeze too.  Are you seeing this trend? Everything is so easy here!

At the end of the night, the last thing you want to worry about is ensuring that the reception area is clear of EVERYTHING. The venue will take care of cleaning up anything that isn’t a personal belonging from the site.  Obviously, all personal belongings should be taken with guests and the bridal party at the end of the night. 

The Ammenities at the Berks County Wedding Venue

There are so many features at the Barn at Walnut Grove that make it a true first- class venue….one of them is a zipline- yes..I did say they have a ZIPLINE!

Venue Features

  • The bridal suite is unlike any I have ever seen and includes a walk-in shower and 5 make-up and/or hair stations, a TV, a bed, and sitting area so everyone can be comfy and relax.  It also includes a mini fridge so you no one has to be hungry or thirsty during hair and make-up!
  • If you think the bridal suite is amazing, the groom’s quarters is easily just as great! It is an awesome area with its own bar, TV, pinball machine, poker table and couch. Perfect for including all the groomsmen, dads, uncles etc. that may be part of the big day.
  • The venue also includes a smaller barn with booking that is called the Cigar Lounge and is like a sports bar with its own bar and 5 big TVs mounted on the walls. This is a great spot for guests to catch a breather during the reception or for the bride and groom to change up the scene a little bit during their wedding day. There is no shortage of nooks and crannies around this venue for guests and couples to enjoy during the wedding!
  • Another exciting amenity is the on-site brewery which offers all PA made beer, wine and spirits and couples can plan to use the sports bar as a cash bar for the ‘after party’ location. 

Additional Details

  • There are also 12 fainting goats that can make an appearance in one of the closer fields during the reception. Guests can just enjoy their silliness, or they can feed them, they LOVE crackers! 
  • A shuttle service is available for couples who want to provide a safe alternative to driving back to a hotel after their event.  This option is super convenient for guests and even better for the couple planning their big day! There is no need to try to hunt down a transportation service to the nearest hotel. Another great and easy feature at this venue!
  • The township recognizes the venue as a Home Brewer’s Country Club, making it a private club. Booking a wedding at The Barn at Walnut Grove gives you instantaneous membership to the country club for a year. Members get access to member events during the week throughout the year like food truck night, trivia night, etc. What better way to spend your first year of marriage as country club members at your wedding venue, right? 
  • Last but not least the zipline- which is able for use by anyone who wants to James Bond it in from the parking lot and for the wedding party in any fashion they choose.  Pictures anyone?? We will need to document this for sure! Who else can say their wedding will have a zip line?

My take on this Berks County Wedding Venue

This Berks County wedding venue is the whole package and more for couples who are looking for a great modern but rustic wedding setting with extra flair.  The Berks County Wedding venue owners: Dave and Donna – truly believe in creating an amazing experience.  They say: “It’s a special day and we aim to have the bride/groom, wedding party and guests remember the day fondly in the fun and beauty that was experienced by all.” You can check out the website here if you want to know more!

Berks County Wedding Venue

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