Fun Family Things to do in Berks County

Things to do in berks county

Weekend plans are always hit or miss for my family. Some weekends we have 3 birthday parties, some sports game or practice, and plans with friends. Other weekends we sit around and stare at each other and ask what everyone wants to do 100 times. It feels like there is no in between for us.  Most of the time when we can’t decide what we want to do, it is because we can’t think of what to do.  So, I decided to put together a list of some of the fun (mostly) outdoor things to do in Berks County both for my future self and you! 

The List of Things to do in Berks County


Hiking and checking out trails is easily one of my favorite things to do in Berks County. The county has so many beautiful parks and trails that it is easy to just get up and go find somewhere to hike.  I love the trails around Blue Marsh Lake because many of them are wide enough to share with other hikers, runners and bikers.  The trails here are also usually widely used, so they feel safe for people out with kids or people who want to go out for a hike alone.  If you are really looking for a long hike or run, you can start at Gring’s Mill Recreation area and follow the trail all the way up to Blue Marsh.  It is a long hike, but very beautiful scenery. Another great thing about the hiking is the area is how close the trails are to water. If your kids are anything like mine, they won’t be able to resist dipping their toes in, or skipping a few rocks in the creek.



There is no shortage of playgrounds with great play structures in Berks County. We sometimes meet friends at the park to play and bring food for a mini picnic.  One of my favorite playgrounds in the county is Amity Community Park.  The playground is amazing! But it is not very shaded, so it is better to try this park during the evening hours in the summer.  We also love Earl Township Park which has 2 different playgrounds for different age groups- not something you get to see all the time, but it is helpful when you have very young children.


Seasonal events

There’s always something going on all year long in Berks County.  Depending on the season you can find something fun to do with your family.  In the fall we love to go pumpkin and apple picking at Pick Fest at Frecon Orchards.  Around the holidays we love to drive around looking at Christmas lights in the area. Zuber Realty hosts a holiday light display contest every year where you can vote on local homes for the best display.  In the winter we look for indoor markets- like the Leesport Farmers Market, which is held on the first Sunday of every month. We also LOVE bringing the kids to arcades- like The Works, or even going to the movies now that everyone is old enough to sit.  In the Spring and Summer, we like to check out the Reading Phillies games, or head to the local pool for the day.  


I hope this list of ideas and fun things to try in Berks County makes you want to try something new or reminds you of one of our hidden gems in the county! 

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