Philadelphia Limited Edition Sessions- Creek Stomping

Creek Stomping

As a little girl, the highlight of a hot summer day was getting to go to our local park and play in the water.  My mom would take all of us 4 kids to skip rocks, feed ducks, play in the mud, you name it, we did it.  When we’d go to our family cabin in the summers we’d hike into the woods and set up a picnic next to a creek.  My parents would hang out for hours while we played and walked in the creek.  No worries about getting muddy or wet.  We were free to play and get as messy as we wanted.  A true kids dream.  Playing in the creek was something my mom used to do as a young girl too, she would talk about it often.  Now that I am a mom, taking my kids to the creek is still high on my list of favorite activities that we do together.  

Creek stomping is, in my opinion, is just hanging out in the creek, walking in the water, and exploring.  It’s so simple but so relaxing and a break from the wild fast pace of life.  Kids love it because they can just be kids. They shriek and giggle and beg to stay just a little bit longer. They can hunt for bugs or crawfish or find smooth pebbles for the collector in the house. Parents love it because it’s a free, easy way to keep your kids entertained for hours on end. It’s also a fun twist on water play for kids.  You don’t have to change into bathing suits or bring any special gear.  Although, I do recommend water shoes for those with sensitive piggy toes.  You can just head to the creek.

Philadelphia Limited Edition Sessions

Creek Stomping

This past summer I held a creek stomping session.  I was feeling the need to do something creative, fun, and adventurous.  And creek stomping totally delivers on all of that!  The dark shaded background and golden hour sun was the perfect lighting situation for a beautiful session.  And the creek was the perfect spot for entertainment for my models!

After I posted the photos from the session, I had lots of interest. “Omg where is this? I love these!” “Are you offering these again?” “I’d love to have these photos for my kids!” So, I decided I’ll be offering these creek stomping sessions as a limited-edition session.  I’ll announce the dates in the spring!

You can see some of the photos from the session below!

The Photos

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