West Chester Photography Session at the ChesLen Preserve

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The ChesLen preserve is located near West Chester in Chester County Pennsylvania. It features miles of trails that roll through open fields, flower-filled meadows and storybook woodlands.  It is an adventurers dream come true and located in your backyard! It’s for all these reasons that we chose this location for a chilly West Chester photography session.

West Chester Photography Session

The Details

We met at this beautiful open field to grab some photos for Dave and Alex’s Christmas cards. Everyone was ready to go create amazing memories and capture the perfect family photos.  But there was one small detail we didn’t plan for.  Finn. Once a baby has turned into a toddler and can walk on their own all bets are off.  There was nothing we could do to contain Finn that day. He wanted nothing to do with being held or having to stand still. So, we let him do his toddler thing and explore this big open field, while I captured the adventure.  

The session was such a candid illustration of life with a toddler.  A tiny stubborn human leading the way with Mom and Dad close behind.  They are laughing because there’s really no convincing a toddler that what you want them to do is better than what they want to do. They are the memories from tiny human life that I think every parent will remember and smile about for years. The best part is his personality is captured perfectly.  The stubborn, “I can do it myself” toddler who just wanted to be left alone.  

After I got home from the session to check out the photos, I fell in love with the ones where Finn is swinging through the air.  As his mom put it- you can see “the pure joy” in his face.  Mom and Dad ended up with some joyful photos for their Christmas cards!

You can check out some of my favorite photos from this West Chester photography session below!

West Chester Photography   West Chester Photography West Chester Photography Downingtown Family Photography Downingtown Family Photography Downingtown Family Photography

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