All The Reasons You Need to Shop Secondhand at Once Upon a Child Exton

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One of the first things you worry about as an expectant or new parent is how expensive raising a baby can be.  According to U.S. News and World Report in 2021 the estimated cost was $267,000 over 18 years, or almost $15,000 annually. It’s not unexpected, and given that costs for childcare, health care and education rise every year, and daycare alone can cost a family $15,000 PER child the costs will keep rising.  So, while certain expenses are ones you can’t avoid as a parent, there are things you can do to help make having children more affordable. Buying secondhand clothing from stores like Once Upon a Child Exton, is some of the best advice for keeping costs low that I got as a new parent.  In this blog post I’ll explain the reasons why buying second hand is a great idea for parents.

The Shop: Once Upon a Child Exton

If you have never been to Once Upon a Child Exton, it is located at 193 W Lincoln Highway in Exton, Pennsylvania.  It is a consignment shop that buys gently used children’s clothing and gear for resale.

Secondhand Cost savings

One of the number one reasons for buying second hand is to save money.  Let’s face it.  When you purchase from a store retail costs for baby and children items can add up quickly. BUT. Some of the resale shops and sales boast up to 90% savings on gently used items.  The practicality of purchasing second hand is undeniable, especially when you consider how quickly children grow. My kids can’t wear the same sneakers for longer than a few months but my husband brags that he still has sneakers that he wore in college.  When you need to buy entire wardrobes multiple times a year for all of the tiny humans in your household- second hand shopping is much easier on your wallet.

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Environmental Sustainability 

It’s no secret that our environment is nearing a crisis.  You hear about global warming, and issues with space for trash, housing, and farming regularly on the news. But buying secondhand clothing and children’s toys and gear like cribs, sheets, baby carriers etc. Is a great way to help the environment.  Instead of gently used items going into the trash they’re able to be purchased and given another round of life with a new family. The benefits to the environment when buying second hand are undeniable because no new materials or packaging are needed to create these necessities for families. I have even been able to pass on things I have bought or been given second hand to a 3rd or 4th family to use for their kids. 


Supporting local businesses

Very often, when you shop at a secondhand shop like Once Upon a Child Exton, they’re owned by a local member of your community.  I love when people support my own local small business, so this is something I am passionate about. 

Baby in overalls and a straw hat from Once Upon a Child Exton sitting on a blanket

Unique Finds at Once Upon A Child Exton

One of my favorite things about buying second hand is that you can find some really unique items.  One of my favorite outfits that I bought for my daughter was a beautiful intricately embroidered dress.  It was a 2T sized dress that I know I wouldn’t have paid full price for – not because I didn’t love it, but I knew it would be something my daughter would only wear once. I have found some really cute bathing suits, and other seasonal items second hand that I didn’t feel guilty purchasing because they were secondhand. 

So, if you can save some money, the environment AND help a local member of your community, why not?  Have you ever shopped secondhand at Once Upon a Child Exton? What was your favorite find? 


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