Berks County Limited Edition Photo Session: Pre-K & Kindergarten Graduation Photos


One of the biggest milestones in young children’s lives is Kindergarten.  Whether they are going into or graduating from- kindergarten- it is a big moment. For many kids it’s the start of a time where they’re away from their parents for most of the day. Even if they’ve been in daycare before they start school, there is something special about being in school. It’s the start of their educational journey. There’s a little bit of newfound freedom and independence when they ride the bus or meet new friends. It’s the excitement of finally being a big kid and having a desk at school and a classroom to go to everyday. 


I remember being in the hospital, holding our first baby when he was just hours old. I was watching him breathe and yawn and do all of the cute baby things. As I looked at him, I wondered what he’d be like when he grew up.  What he would be when he grew up. And I also remember thinking- everyone tells me he will be in kindergarten in NO time and that the next few years will fly right by.  They were right!

The time almost evaporated. He graduated kindergarten last year and I feel like I barely remember the years in between that moment in the hospital and today.  His kindergarten graduation was such a bittersweet moment for me as a parent.  I felt like I had just held him in my arms as a newborn and suddenly here we are- a kindergarten graduate. We officially have a big kid.  He gets on the bus and rides it to school by himself.  He reads stories to ME now.  He comes home and tells me about his day and his friends.  I love that he’s growing up into an independent kid, and I am so proud of who he is becoming. 


He was proud of himself after that long year. Kindergarten was no easy year for him or us as a family, especially with having to navigate the twists and turns that Covid brought along with it.  But he did it! He learned his alphabet and how to count to 100 and read and write.  I was so proud. So, we did something special to capture the moment.  We bought him a cap and gown and I took him to a park where I took a few photos of him.  It was the perfect ending to his big kid year. It’s so important for me to keep these big moments for my kids so they can look back in a few years, or maybe many years (like at their weddings) and see how far they have come.

Berks County Limited Edition Photo Session

I decided to share the experience with other families this year.  So, I am opening up a few spots for a limited-edition pre-k or kindergarten graduation sessions in Berks County.  I want other families to be able to enjoy this big moment for their newly appointed “big kids”. 

So, what exactly is a Berks County Limited-Edition session? These are sessions that I offer on a first come- first served basis.  I offer a limited number of slots to be booked on a select date or dates.  They are specialty sessions that sometimes require props or unique wardrobes- in this case- the cap and gown!

I’ll be announcing dates on my social media accounts soon, so stay tuned! 


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