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Lancaster Newborn Photography Session

Bringing home a baby is an exciting and emotional experience for any parent.   But bringing home a sibling for your older child or children takes this experience to a whole new level. As an expectant parent you wonder how the older siblings will react to a new baby.  Will they love them?  Hate them?  Be jealous?  Be enamored?  Or maybe a mix of all of it? You wonder if you will be able to love a new baby like you love your older babies. And then you bring this new life home and all of your wonders and worries melt away, because the new baby seems to just fit into your life perfectly. It somehow feels like they always belonged to you and your family. This Lancaster newborn photography session captured that new sibling bond.  


The Lancaster Newborn Photography Session

Baby Everly- Lancaster Newborn Photography

I arrived at the Feldstein’s family home for baby Everly’s Lancaster newborn photography session. This session was both a posed newborn and lifestyle family session.  The family lifestyle portion is an option I offer every family who books a posed newborn session.  As always, I started the session by setting up my travel studio in the Feldstein home.  Once I was ready for baby Everly her mama handed her off to me so I could get started with the posed portion of the session.  Her mom had purchased a few tie-backs, or headbands, for her session.  I start each posed newborn session with blanket posing and then move to prop posing (think posing a baby in baskets, buckets, etc.) Baby Everly was one of the sleepiest babies I have worked with in a LONG time! I don’t think she made a peep the entire time I was posing her! 

The baby-only part of newborn sessions are usually the longest.  I always tell parents at booking, to account for about 2 to 3 hours of time for their posed session.  It’s the posing and sleeping and settling of the newborn that takes the longest. But even with this time invested, the end result is so worth it!

Posed Newborn Photography- Baby girl posed on a blanket- Lancaster Newborn Photography Baby in a wooden crate holding a purple felted heart- Lancaster Newborn Photography SessionSiblings

After I complete the posed- baby only- portion of newborn sessions I invite older siblings to join their newborn sibling for photos.  I also always try to get a few shots of just the older sibling.  This is such a big life moment for them too and I don’t want them to feel left out.  Most of these kiddos love being the center of attention. 

Big sister Sophia was a little unsure about having all of the focus be on her during this session, but once we brought in baby Everly she rocked it!  Check out her cute big sister moment! 

Lancaster Newborn Photography Session-Posed Photography Older Sister holding baby sister


After the sibling portion of the sessions are complete, we move on to the family part of the session.  These are lifestyle images where we capture the family together.  I do some posing of the family, but the major goal of these images is to capture the emotion and love the family has for their new addition.  You can totally see that emotion in these photos.  

Lancaster Newborn Lifestyle Photography Session- Family sitting together with newborn baby and toddler

The End of this Lancaster Newborn Photography Session

Once we finish all of the photos, I pack up my travel studio and head out for the day! Mom’s have told me they love that the photos are happening in their home.  There are no diaper bags to pack, no entertaining a toddler in a stranger’s studio space, no getting stuck in traffic with a newborn.  I try to keep things super simple for these growing families!  Let me know how you like baby Everly’s newborn photos!

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