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Florals are a way to take your wedding from basic to elaborate, from simple to elegant, from boring to hypnotizing. Florals and greens are a way to breathe life into a cold defunct landscape.  If you ever watch decorating shows or read blogs about décor or design, one of the easiest ways to bring life back into a room and make it feel warm and inviting is to add plants or floral arrangements.  It’s no mistake that florists are a key vendor in wedding planning!  From table arrangements, bridal bouquets or boutineers, florists deliver one of the key pieces that make your wedding stand out.  Floral design is such an amazing art and it is so important for couples planning their event to find the right florist.  


Working with the right florist can help you choose flowers and greens that are in season and match your wedding colors.  This is something that helps couples stay on budget but have the best options that fit their personal style.  


I reached out to a local florist in Berks County to answer some questions about her business and her experience in the wedding floral industry.  You can check out the Q+A with this Reading PA florist below!

The Reading PA Florist

The Q+A

What is your business name:

Laurel & Lace Floral Design

Where are you located (town and county):

Oley, Berks County 

How can potential clients contact you:

By calling/texting (610)750-0821

They can also visit my Facebook page: Laurel & Lace Floral Design

Or they can find me on Instagram: @laurelnlacefd

I can also be found by clients who want to access my website here 

I am available to chat or discuss options by email:


What area do you offer services in:

Berks County but I do travel for events – like weddings!

Do you deliver floral arrangements on site:


What makes your business unique?

I’m in the floral design business for the creativity and personal connection. Harvesting the Earth’s bountiful treasures and artfully preparing pieces to bring comfort, inspiration and joy to others is something I’ve been doing since I was just a child (and maybe for many lifetimes before). I hand pick every bunch that comes into my inventory to ensure my clients get nothing but the best. During the warm seasons I work closely with local growers, sourcing everything I can right here in Berks County. I do this because I truly LOVE floral design.

The takeaway from this Reading PA Florist Q+A

Can you imagine how beautiful your wedding can be with locally sourced greens and flowers with this Reading PA florist? If you would like more information from Lindsey you can find her website linked above in the Q+A or check out her social media! Through this interview I actually found out that Lindsey and I live in the same town! I am excited to connect with someone so local to me who is so passionate about her work.  I plan to reach out to Lindsey for future projects! 

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