The Top 3 Philadelphia Birth Centers

Aside from the excitement of becoming pregnant and wondering who your baby will look like or what kind of personality they’ll have, one of the things pregnant women think about is the birth of their baby.  It is by far one of the most exciting times in pregnancy. You are about to meet your baby.  But it is also a major medical event and something to plan for and wrap your head around. There are many options these days for women on where they’d like to give birth.  Hospitals are still a top choice, and home births are also a popular option.  If a mom prefers a middle ground – where they go to medical professionals, but do not want a hospital birth, they can choose a birth center.  I have put together a list of top Philadelphia birth centers for Pennsylvania moms who are interested!

Philadelphia Birth Centers

Why Choose a Birth Center?

Births that occur in birth centers are managed using the midwifery care model.  Midwives tend to be less likely to intervene during birth and allow for the natural progression of labor.  There are definitely benefits to this model of care.  There is a much lower percentage of deliveries that end up as cesarean deliveries when birthing occurs at a birth center compared to a hospital. In fact, it is significantly lower, coming in around 5% of all deliveries that result in a c-section at a birthing center.  The c-section rate jumps to over 30% in hospitals. 


Births that occur in a birth center have more options for pain management than hospitals. These will include things like access to showers, birthing tubs, birthing balls and doulas.  All of these options are tools that mothers can use to help go through labor naturally or with minimal intervention. There is a greater focus on allowing your body to do the work it needs to do, which is preferable for many expectant mothers. 

Philadelphia Birth Centers

The List!

  1. Lifecycle WomanCare, located at 918 County Line Rd Bryn Mawr Pennsylvania, has been in operation since 1978. As a mom and former pregnant woman, hearing that they have a long history of successful and safe births puts my mind at ease. Obviously, as a mom, the top priority in birth is the safety of the mother and baby. Lifecycle WomanCare also follows research backed care guidelines like skin-to-skin after birth, and works collaboratively with 2 area hospitals for complications or unexpected issues. If you are looking for more information on this birth center you can find their website here.
  2. Next up on this list is The Birth Center: Holistic Women’s Health Care which is located at 620 Churchmans Rd Ste 101 Newark Delaware.  This comfortable birth center is located just out of state across the Delaware state line but still treats mother’s from Pennsylvania.  This birthing center offers labor doulas and birthing tubs for laboring mothers.  A certified nurse midwife also attends the labor for all mothers because support in labor is critical. If you are looking for more information on this birth center you can find their website here.
  3. Next on the list is: Reading Midwife Center for Women’s Wellness, LLC located at 949 New Holland Rd, in Reading Pennsylvania.  This center is based in a home like setting but is near to several local hospitals, should a need to use one arise.  The birth center has assisted in over 11,000 births since its inception. They have a birthing tub available for laboring mothers, as well as birthing stools and balls to create a more comfortable birthing process. If you are looking for more information on this birth center you can find their website here.

My take on these Philadelphia Birth Centers

No matter how they come into this world, the best part of birth is getting to hold your baby at the end of it. Feeling in control and empowered during the process is a gift that many moms choose for themselves. Using a Philadelphia birth center is one of best ways to achieve it. And once you get your baby home make sure you are on my calendar for your newborn session! You can check out my newborn sessions here:

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