How to Choose a Session Type for your Philadelphia Newborn Photography Session!

So, you are looking to book a Philadelphia newborn photography session. But now that you’re ready to book, you’re not quite sure which session type is best for you and your baby.  I offer both lifestyle and posed newborn sessions. So, keep reading to see which type you should book!

Lifestyle Newborn SessionsMom holding newborn by Philadelphia Newborn Photographer

Lifestyle photography is a documentary style of photography where the photographer will capture images of their subject in a more natural setting.  There is not much posing that is done and these sessions are typically “baby led” – meaning that images are captured where baby is awake or sleeping, eating, yawning- you get the idea.  

Posed Newborn Sessions

I like to think of posed newborn sessions as a classic type of artistry. Posed photos have been a staple in photography from early on- usually due to the limitations of cameras (you had to stay VERY still for the photos to turn out well).  Posed newborn photos use intentional props, posing, and outfits or swaddling to place a sleeping baby in positions that photograph well.  


Lifestyle may be for you if: you are short on time.  I don’t spend time trying to get your baby to sleep for the photos.  The time spent on getting a newborn to sleep while they are being posed can vary based on the baby.  But since this isn’t a factor for lifestyle newborn sessions, families who prefer a quick and easy session can choose this option

Posed may be for you if: you have all the time in the world!  I like to tell my clients that posed newborn sessions take anywhere between 2 to 3 hours.  This works fine for most families. 


Lifestyle may be for you if: you want to be in more of the photos with your newborn.  Because there aren’t as many options for baby alone in lifestyle images, there are more opportunities for the family to be involved in the photos! 

Posed may be for you if: you want to be hands off during your newborn’s photo session.  Because this type of session is focused on baby, I will be working with baby only for most of the time.  Getting them to sleep, rocking, feeding, wrapping etc.  Parents can choose to feed if they’d like, but it usually works best to not be handing baby off to multiple people.  These sessions are also great for mom’s who just don’t feel camera ready after giving birth- TOTALLY ok! I remember feeling this way after I had my babies too!


Lifestyle may be for you if: you don’t want to spend as much on a session.  Because lifestyle images are captured in 30 minutes to an hour, the session cost is lower.  So you can still have amazing newborn photos even if you have a budget!

Posed may be for you if: You are ok with spending a little more for your newborn session.  Posed newborn photography does cost more than lifestyle since more session time is required, more props are needed, and photographer prep time is more lengthy- mobile studios are a little harder to move around!


Lifestyle may be for you if: You love documentary style images.  This is completely a personal preference! What kind of photos are you drawn to or what do you envision for your newborn? What kind of photos do you like to have hanging on your walls? If they lean more toward the documentary style, then a lifestyle session is right for you!

Posed may be for you if: you love the classic posed images! You may also love the colorful wraps, and blankets, and props that are options with posed newborn sessions.

So, there you have it! All of the differences between the two Philadelphia newborn photography session options!  If you STILL can’t decide- it’s ok, I also offer both for those indecisive types! You can also check out my newborn portfolio here too if you can’t decide!

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