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Reading Newborn Photographer

If you’re thinking about booking a newborn session with your Reading newborn photographer (that would be me!) and you’re not sure what a posed newborn session is, just check out my blog post on the difference between posed and lifestyle newborn photography here.  I offer both options, and a combination for families who love both! I am an experienced Pennsylvania newborn photographer who has photographed many newborn sessions over the years.  You can read my best tips for expecting or new parents who have booked a posed newborn session with me!

Reading newborn photographer


Let me know you had your baby!

This is the #1 tip I have for all mama’s who are wanting a posed newborn session.  These sessions work best when baby is about 5-14 days old.  In order to get you scheduled into my calendar to fit that window, it is really important to reach out to me as soon as you have had your baby.  I tell my mom’s to contact me while they’re still in the hospital so we can get those premium dates for your little babe!

Reading newborn photographer

Prep your family!

If you would like family photos during your posed newborn session, remember to plan out a wardrobe for your family!  I always recommend classic or neutral colors that compliment skin tones.  

Wardrobe planning tips:

  1. Avoid having everyone match! Try to coordinate outfits that pull in colors and styles.
  2. Avoid super bright colors (neon pink is a no go!)  I always recommend classic or neutral colors that compliment skin tones.  
  3. Avoid clothing with logos or writing
  4. Avoid prints on multiple family members.  It’s ok to have some prints, just don’t go overboard!

Reading newborn photographer

Prep your house!

All of my newborn sessions occur in your home.  How amazing is that? You don’t even have to pack a diaper bag to get your baby’s first photos.  Don’t get overwhelmed over preparing your home for your session.  It is pretty simple and easy.  All I need is about a 4×4 foot space near a window. Even better if this space is not carpeted! If you have a space like this in your home, just reserve it for me for your baby’s newborn session.  Simple right??

If you are including some family lifestyle shots in your session I also recommend decluttering a few extra spaces in your home: 

  1. Your living room- I like to do shots of the whole family (usually posed) on your couch, as well as sibling interactions,  and a few of baby in parents hands in this location.
  2. Parents bedroom (sometimes)- this one isn’t 100% necessary, but if you want a little more variety in your images this is an added option.  Typically family photos on the bed are the images we’d take here as well as baby laying on the bed.  It’s also a safe option to take shots with just siblings, especially if the 2nd youngest child is fairly young. 


Prep your baby!

About an hour or so before your session- start trying to keep the baby awake.  It is HARD- I know…but this really helps me get your baby to sleep quickly and keep them awake during their session.  Plan to feed the baby about the time I arrive so we have a sleepy milk drunk babe for their first photo session!


Lay back and relax!

On the day of your session, I’ll unpack my mobile studio and get set up in your home. You can feed the baby while I am setting up and then your job is done! Consider me your photographer/babysitter for the next couple of hours.  I can feed the baby, calm them, change them, etc.  You can hang out with me or get ready for the family portion of your session.  I like my newborn sessions to be super laid back and relaxing for everyone. This atmosphere also helps these little babies to relax too! Win for everyone right??


And that’s it! Super easy right? And of course, if you have any questions about your session, your local I am just an email, text, or click away to help! Send me a message any time!


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