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Philadelphia Sleep Trainer

One of the things most parents hear when they are about to have a baby is how much sleep they won’t be getting once the baby gets here.  You get the great advice to “sleep now, while you can” or to “sleep when the baby sleeps”.  It’s not always practical and it seriously scares the ever-loving cr*p out of people.  It’s true! I remember hearing this advice when I was pregnant and wondering if my husband and I should be having kids. I seriously love my sleep.  Because I work with a lot of expecting parents, new parents, and parents with young families, I recently reached out to a local Philadelphia sleep training expert.  We did a chat, and I am including the Q+A here for you!

Philadelphia Sleep Trainer


What is the name of your business: Nicole Benedetta

Where are you located and what area do you serve? I am located in PA, and I serve virtual- so I work with people all over the globe.

How should prospective patients/clients contact you?Ni

Do you have a website I can share with my clients? Yes, you can find it here!

What services do you provide? Baby sleep training and coaching

Do you take insurance? No

Are you affiliated with a hospital? No

What do you want parents to know about your business? I have created a sleep plan that teaches parents how to begin good sleep habits the day the baby is born. You can then begin sleep training using my plan at 6 weeks old. It teaches parents how to have their baby sleeping 12 hours a night by 3 months old. I offer programs that can be completed on their own or I have personalized sleep plans that are built around their child and family’s needs. I take a look inside of the family’s current situation and find the solution to why the baby is not sleeping.

What is a favorite story that you have about a client/patient/situation/etc as you did your job? My favorite is from my time with a wonderful family in New Zealand. They contacted me when their baby would only fall asleep when being rocked and as soon as they put the baby in the crib he would start to SCREAM! This poor mom was sleeping with the baby on her chest every night. I developed a personalized sleep plan and we got the baby sleeping in their own bed within 3 nights. The excitement from this mom the next time we chatted filled my heart with such joy!

What advice do you have for expecting/new parents? Look into a sleep plan before the baby arrives. Know the good habits to start as soon as the baby is born or as soon as possible. Starting off with good sleep habits makes all the difference. Also, get a coach to help you through the tough times. Sometimes you need an outsider looking in to find the source of the problem.

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What is Unique About Nicole and Her Business

What is unique about what you offer expecting/new parents? When someone buys my sleep plans, they don’t just get the plan, they get me. I am available for the random questions that pop up. I am there to support them through the journey.

Is there anything special about you or your business that you’d love to share? I am a mom to 4 little boys ages 6 and under. I’ve had my fair share of sleepless nights and struggles so I understand where parents are coming from. I didn’t sleep train until baby 3 came along and I wish I would have known how beneficial sleep training was when I had my first. Life would have been so much more enjoyable during those newborn stages.

Philadelphia Sleep Trainer

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