The Best Reading Wedding Portrait Locations: A Berks County Guide

Reading Weddings

If you are planning a wedding in Berks County Pennsylvania or haven’t been part of any Reading weddings before, you might be wondering which locations in the county offer the best photography options for your wedding day.  I am putting together this list for any bride who is curious about their options! 

Reading Weddings

Your Reading Wedding Venue

My best advice for choosing a photography location is to stay at the venue where you booked your wedding.  Why is that? 

  • First, traveling from location to location on your big day requires a lot of coordination.  Who is driving? Will the whole bridal party fit? Did you remember everything you wanted to bring for photos?  OMG who forgot Grandma?! If you choose to stay at your wedding venue for photo ops it takes out a lot of the coordination and coordination for you. 
  • Your venue is likely to have a lot less people milling around than your average public park or space.  When you are looking for a photo location you want to have the least number of “other” distractions as possible.  Distractions like cars, people, traffic signs, etc. can take away from the subject of the photos- The Couple!
  • You probably chose your venue because you loved the building, or the grounds or just simply the aesthetics.  What better place than your venue to take your wedding portraits so that you can keep that beautiful venue in your memories for forever?
  • Your wedding venue was made to have great options for on-site photography! This is literally what they do! You really don’t have to look any further than your venue to find great photo worthy locations. I promise!

The top portrait locations for your Reading Wedding

Gring’s Mill Recreation Area

So, let’s say that for whatever reason you still want other options for your Reading wedding photos.  That’s ok! There are great options around town.  The first beautiful location I recommend is Gring’s Mill Recreation Area. From a photographer’s perspective, this location offers A LOT of great pocket locations.  These are locations where your photographer can move you and your bridal party quickly to a new spot. They look totally different which gives you great variety for your portraits.  These are the best features for this location:

Stone farmhouse

Stone bridge

Large stream

Wooden bridge

Gravel trails

Open fields


Museum Arboretum at the Reading Public Museum

I love the museum arboretum in Reading for Reading weddings! This location also offers lots of variety and feels like a hidden gem inside of a city!  These are the best features for this location:

Wooden bridges

Paved pathways

Flower garden

Stone stairways

Large museum building


Wyomissing Park System

The Wyomissing Park System is another option for couples that want to travel for their wedding portraits. This location also offers a variety of backdrops that lend themselves to different vibes depending on what the couple is looking for.  These features are the top portrait opportunities available at this location: 

A beautiful red barn

Open fields with high grass

A magical pine forest

Grassy pathways

So there you have it! A few options for couples who are looking for options for photography locations for Reading weddings. These locations are also great options for family photography too.  I love taking families to these locations since each location is unique and picturesque.  If you are interested in a small chapel wedding check out the post here: Philadelphia Wedding Chapels- A List of the Best | Jessica Lauren

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