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Mother and Baby who shop at Kid to Kid Drexel Hill

As a Philadelphia newborn and family photographer, as well as a mom, I know how quickly little ones grow in and out of clothing. It is also important to me that we leave our planet a safe and healthy place for new generations. That is why I love Kid To Kid
Drexel Hill. With a fantastic brand goal and a high success rate for resale of your gently used children’s items, I cannot recommend
this store more!

Mother kissing Baby who shop at Kid to Kid Drexel Hill

Kid To Kid Drexel Hill

About Kid to Kid

Kid to Kid Drexel Hill provides an easier way for young parents in our communities all across the nation by helping them save money on buying clothes, shoes, and accessories. In addition, parents can bring their gently used clothing items they no longer wear and will receive money from Kid To Kid Drexel Hill for them. With the fashion industry proving itself to be the second-largest polluter in the world, this brand tries to combat that.

If you have never heard of Kid to Kid- it is an award-winning franchise clothing resale store located throughout the United States and Canada.  The closest retail store to the Philadelphia region is in Drexel Hill at 1244 Township Line Road, Drexel Hill PA, 19026.

When you purchase a recycled item from Kid To Kid, you are reducing the demand for new items to be made. If each item can be reused for an additional nine months, the percentage of our carbon footprint is reduced by about thirty percent! In addition, buying and selling with Kid To Kid maximizes the clothing value. Kid To Kid kept about nine million items from going to landfills, donated millions of items, and paid about $13.5 million to local communities. Most children’s items are used for a very short period of time before they are no longer useful. I know my own kids have outgrown toys, bikes, and clothing long before they are at the end of their useable life.

How It Works

But how does all of this work? It’s pretty easy! The first thing you will want to do is prep your clothing items. Sort through your closet and home to choose what to bring. Each Kid To Kid store is stocked with local goods from local families, so the selection changes weekly
and sometimes daily! Make sure to bring items that can be used in the season that is currently taking place. I know I usually have a bin of last my kids clothes from the last year that no longer fits them! At this time Kid to Kid will take thinks like dresses, rompers, short sleeves, shorts, swimwear, sandals, large toys, building toys, strollers, baby beds, and patriotic wear and more! Prepare to spend about 15-45 minutes for a buy. While an associate looks through the clothing, you can take this time to shop (this is my favorite part)! Last but not least, pick your
payout! After an associate chooses your items, you can select cash or twenty percent more in trade-in value!

Mother holding Baby who shop at Kid to Kid Drexel Hill

Getting Involved with Kid to Kid Drexel Hill

One of the main goals of Kid To Kid is to eradicate poverty. One of the best ways to do that is to give people access to quality education. Kid To Kid partners with buildOn, which is a foundation that partners with communities who volunteer hours to build schools. Each village provides land and local materials and promises to send boys and girls to school. Kid To Kid in Drexel Hill takes great pride in being able to give back!

Shop Kid To Kid in Drexel Hill

Taking care of our planet and giving back has never been easier. If you want to get involved in the community and shop simultaneously, head over to Kid To Kid in Drexel Hill!

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